Sunday, 15 June 2014

Selling the house

Things here chez Ink-Spots have gone slightly crazy since my last post.  Ten days ago Hubby got a new job - in Hereford!

  For quite a while we've been talking about moving closer to the families.  My mum, dad and sisters and their families are all in Devon, while my in-laws are in Stoke-on-Trent.  It's a ten hour drive from where we are in Scotland to the Devon contingent, and at least five hours to Stoke.  We settled on our target location, looking at Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire-type areas.  About half way in between, beautiful, rural, and in England.  Potential jobs for Hubby seemed to come up instantly!  After a moment or two of hesitation, we decided to go for it, and ... we're off to Hereford.

So now comes the stressful bit.  Hubby is still working in Forth Valley until mid-September.  C is due to start school this Summer, and in fact, because there's a slight difference in starting age between England and Scotland, he'll be going into Year One, having missed Reception Class - so he needs to be in place by the beginning of September.  However... school admissions don't operate during the Summer holiday, so if we want him to start at the beginning of term (which would be less nerve-racking for him and easier for the teacher) we need to know where he's going to school before the English Summer holidays begin... in five weeks.  We're heading to Hereford in four weeks time.  In an ideal world, we'd be in a position then to view houses, make an offer, view schools and apply for a place for C.  Not much to ask is it?
So we've had estate agents here last week (cue tidying and cleaning), have made our choice, and have the photographer coming on Monday.  With any luck the house will be on the market by a week tomorrow, or even better - this coming Friday.  Then we've just got to hope somebody loves it as much as we have done.
We've loved Muckhart, our house is gorgeous, we love the countryside, our neighbours and community are brilliant.  It's just in the wrong spot, and we are very excited about the new adventure of our move and our new area.
Following a marathon weekend of tidying and decluttering, the photos here show how the house is looking ready for the market... isn't it lovely?  We're asking for "Offers Over £295K".  The Estate Agent we're using are Slater, Hogg and Howison and I expect I'll post a link to the particulars once it's on the market.


  1. Such a stressful time but I hope you manage to find a buyer in time to allow you to sort houses and schools next month. Hereford is a beautiful area so hopefully you'll be very happy there once you get the move over and done with.

    1. Thanks. We're really excited about the move, just stressed out about getting everything sorted for C really.

  2. How exciting, a new adventure for you all. I'd be totally stressed but you sound on top of everything. Hope you find a buyer soon.