Saturday, 7 June 2014

Interview with Bug, aged 3 1/4

Following on from my blog interview with my delightful four year old son last week, it was time to take on my feisty and imaginative daughter... here's how it went:

Hello Bug.
How old are you?
Free.  (This is supposed to be three, but she struggles a bit with 'th-' and it often comes out as either f- or d-.  We're working on it!)
What's your favourite food?
Chocolate mousse
What about your favourite colour?
Tell me about pre-school. 
I love it.
What do you do there? 
Sometimes I don't get to do register.  I play there... and learn.
What can you tell me about your friends?
I like them.
Who are they?
Percy and Eliza and Eleana and Phoebe and Emmy.
Are you good at Pre-school?
Yes (mummy splutters into her coffee, thinking about this week's incidents that have involved pouring a bucket of water over one child, battering another with traffic cones, and walloping another!)
What's your favourite song?
Hey Diddle Cat and the Fiddle.
Favourite game?
I like playing Pooh Sticks
Favourite toy?
My little doggy.
What about your teddy?  
I love him.  I love my baby.
What's your best time of day?
When Daddy comes home.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
A cat.
Because I want to.
What's your favourite story?
The Enchanted Wood (Enid Blyton)
What do you think of your family?
I like them.  
What about your brother?
I like him.
Thank you for doing this interview. 
That's okay.  I like doing interviews with you.

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