Monday, 3 February 2014

Five Blogs I Love

As well as writing my own blog, I love to read other people's blogs.  I'm not half so regular about it as I'd like, but I try to get in there fairly regularly, and also to leave the occasional comment.

Here are my current top five blogs (please don't be offended if I follow you and you're not in this list... you might appear in a "top five" list another time.

Please do go and check out these blogs as I think they are lovely:

The Good Life.  Jo gets me inspired to get out in my garden and keep plugging away at it even when I don't feel like it.  I always feel better afterwards.

The Barefoot Crofter - for wonderful reflective and inspiring photographs and posts
The Barefoot Crofter

The Artful Parent - for brilliant art, craft and creativity ideas for children
5 Ways to Encourage Your Kids Creativity Today -- Easy-to-implement ideas you can do right now or any time!

A Childhood List - For a wide range of activities and ideas to do with children

Mama Scout - Beautiful photographs, inspiring thoughts and great activities


  1. Thank you so much, I feel very honoured to be named in your top five blogs. I haven't come across the other blogs on your list so I shall pop over and have a read. I enjoy posts like this as it's a great way to find new blogs to read.

    1. You're welcome. I love your blog. I too am always on the look out for new blogs to read.

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog....I have enjoyed having a loo around yours. Ah yes, Jo does have a rather smashing blog going on!!!xxx

    1. thank you for visiting! I enjoyed yours and have added it to my "follow" list