Sunday, 24 December 2017

2017 Review

As the end of 2017 draws near, I'm settling down to review the year, and to set myself some targets for the next 12 months.

I've hesitated to approach this task, because I don't think I've done too well this year.  I've been a bit down and not feeling too well the last few months and I was concerned that looking at my list of aims for the year would be a disappointment.

Today, however, I looked at my list with my two children sitting beside me (aged 6 and 8) and they gave me such words of encouragement, and such glowing words of praise (mostly) as they reexamined my aspirations for the year (they had seen them before as they were stuck to the dining room door before we moved house in the Summer).

So I am given courage to go through the list and see what I have achieved:

  • Run a 10k - umm... yeah... not a great place to start.  I was doing so well with Sarah Millican cheering me on using the BBC/NHS One You Couch to 5K app - I'd got up to week 6 of 9!  Then my foot was randomly bruised and swollen and really sore and kept going completely numb, then I felt unwell, then I... then I... and I just never got back on the wagon again and haven't run since we moved house.
  • Keep enjoying work - yes.  I love my job.  I've struggled a bit this term, as I'm so tired that I'm just not achieving as much as I set out to, but I do love being a teacher.
  • Achieve/exceed performance management targets - yes, just about.  There are a few things still to work on but I am already well aware of them!
  • Do fabulous displays - I think the displays in and around the classroom are much better this year than last year, and I have certainly been working hard on them, but I think they could still be better.  My colleague in the opposite classroom has some great display ideas, which I need to magpie (steal).
  • be mindful - not nearly enough - see next point
  • take up yoga - no, but I definitely still should and it will be going on next year's list.
  • go up a couple of big hills - one, and even that wasn't terribly big.
  • go out for evening with Hubby at least six times - restaurant, concert, cinema etc. - this is something that we definitely need to remedy.  Time together as a couple is very important.
  • cuddles - oh yes!  Lots of those.  
  • Get Etsy and Folksy shops back on - not even close.  Too much work and too much time wasting!
  • Invite friends for a dinner - this is actually something that Hubby planned.  The excuse was his birthday and warming our new house.  Definitely something to repeat because it was lovely.
  • wear rainbows - I've been wearing my stripy rainbow socks again, and my rainbow gloves.  Hubby also bought me a beautiful bright red dress, and I definitely need to keep rainbowing because it makes me feel good.
  • at least 6 trips away in the campervan - yes!
  • sort YHA weekend - yes, to Castleton this year.  Next year hopefully to Manorbier, need to do this very soon.
  • be a little bit wild - I'm going to describe this as taking the opportunity to put flowers on the campervan, to swim in the sea at any opportunity, to wear stripy rainbow socks, to dance with the kids at the school disco, to make fire.... take those chances.
  • play with the children - this I have made time for.  I still think I could do more.  However, if the children ask to make something with me, or play a game with me, I will always try to say yes.  I'm very conscious that the window of time when they will ask is only a few short years, and I don't want to miss it.
  • swim at least once every fortnight - no.  I just haven't made time.
  • complete a book and send it to a publisher - no, and this is a big one and one that I am very anxious to get done.  It's going to be an early priority for 2018.
  • keep my working area tidy and organised - the reason I can green this one is because I no longer have a working area!  I don't have a desk so wherever I work I have to tidy up after myself.
  • upload resources to TES website - none yet
  • Sing! - have loved teaching in a school where singing is such an important part of the day.  Singing makes me feel so good.
  • complete 5 scenery boards for the model railway - none!  The railway is back together, but I've not had anything to do with it yet.
  • make my garden beautiful and grow stuff - had lots of plants and flowers growing in pots in our rented house.  Now have a lovely garden and can't wait to get stuck in as the days lengthen.
  • make stuff - the odd bits and pieces, but not as crafty as I'd like.
  • do more freelance writing - no energy
  • spend more time with Dad - not been done
  • Help Holmer Scouts grow - setting up a new Cub Pack in January, with ten new members who've never been in Scouting before!
  • stay below 70kg / size 12 - Yes, still fitting comfortably into my size 12s.  My weight has crept up a little, but is still below 70kg.
  • make wine - and drink it! - I have a beginners wine making kit (for Christmas last year), but the beginning of the year I didn't feel like drinking, and the second half of the year I've not had the energy.
  • explore more of Herefordshire - days out, restaurants, pubs, walks - nowhere near as much as I'd like.  We've just been too tired.
So, there we have it.  A mixed bag really.  Some good achievements, but plenty to add to the list for next year, which will be coming up in the next few days.

What have you been up to this year?  Did you achieve the things you set out to do?