Thursday, 26 January 2012

Seasons change - Central Scotland in January

Out and about today, as well as all the evidence of a mild but pretty wet and stormy winter, I'm beginning to spot some signs of Spring!  Bizarre to think that this time last year we were only just beginning to see the ground again after several weeks of snow, that the small glaciers on street corners where the snow had been heaped by the diggers and ploughs were still there in May.  Of course, I mustn't speak too soon.  It was sleeting today and there's still plenty of time between now and April for a good dose of snow and ice!  Here's what I saw today:
C's garden is looking a little on the unkempt side.

Every time we clear up all the leaves we get gales again and the piles reappear!

My perennials are looking a little bedraggled.

The greenhouse lost a lot of glass in the storms.

But my Christmas present wind-chime makes it look gorgeous!

Spring bulbs are poking through.

C decided we needed to say hello to these guys today.  And sing to them.

Wrapped up very cosily in there.

They swapped hats.  He preferred the pink flowery one.

The meadow is looking brown on the surface, but there's fresh grass under there.

snowdrops by the stream.

soaked with sleet, but still determined to take his time and get every ounce of adventure out of the walk.

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