Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Art and Craft Area

All our art and craft bits and bobs are kept in a chest of drawers in the spare room.  At least, that's where they are supposed to be.  In reality, the books were in the conservatory, and everything else has been scattered across half of the spare room as it's been vaguely returned after or during various activities or projects.  

Today I decided I'd quite like to see the spare bed again (it's also used as a laundry sorting zone), and also that I ought to tidy it up a bit before Hubby took it into his head to do it, in which case I would never find anything ever again.

I won't show you a before photo - too dreadful.

I now have a box (I'll pretty them up at some point in the future) for each of the following:

  • drawing (with chalks, oil pastels, crayons, pencils, charcoal and drawing pads in)
  • painting (sponges, paints various, brushes, pots etc)
  • paper crafts (lots of different types of paper and card, glue, stamps and stampers, stickers, scissors)
  • textiles (big lacing shapes, large beads, knitting doll, pom pom circles, scraps of wool, felt, fabric)
other bits and bobs are in the drawers.
I've tidied my knitting box, my wool basket and my sewing box.
I've brought my crafty books through from the conservatory for inspiration.
On the bed-side unit is a tin full of ribbons and a spice rack full of buttons, bells, mini-pegs and all sorts of other little attractive-looking bits.

Oh, time well spent, I feel entirely satisfied about this area now.

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