Monday, 2 January 2012

Our topic in December was... Christmas! (of course)

I try to have a theme each month to structure activities around and to keep us all fresh and provide a broad range of fun things to do.  Inevitably, December's theme was Christmas.  Here are some of the things that we did:
  • made an advent calendar;
  • read "Father Christmas needs a wee" by Nicholas Allan (terrible book, awful rhymes - don't bother), "The Snowman" by Allan Ahlberg and a book of Christmas stories from the library.
  • Played matching games like Snap and Pairs with Christmas Stocking cards, and a Build a Snowman game (like the Beetle game where you roll numbers on a die to get the different parts of your snowman), both from Activity Village
  • Sang Christmas carols, Christmas songs etc. and went to the Scout Carol service.
  • Wrote Christmas cards.
  • Read the poem "Twas the Night before Christmas".
  • Wrapped presents together.
  • decorated the tree
  • put out the nativity scene and talked about the story
  • made Christmas cake and Christmas Pudding.
  • Decorated Christmas cake.
  • Posted Christmas cards to neighbours.
  • Had Christmas day!
We weren't as crafty as I would have liked, so there's plenty of room for improvement next December. I would like to include more Christmas stories, a visit to Santa in his grotto, making a wreath, making gifts, wrapping paper, gift bags and tags, paper chains, snowflakes, angels, decorations etc.  So much more we could do!

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  1. happy new one x
    lots like you been plenty busy