Thursday, 5 January 2012

Best pics from December

I'm back!  The power is back on.  A huge thank-you to the engineers at Scottish Power, who were up pylons and telegraph poles in some horrendous weather last night trying to reconnect thousands of customers.  Well, they managed to get us up and running again, with lights, heat, cooking facilities and all.  A large oak by the church had dropped a heavily ivy clad trunk onto the power cables in the gales at 8am on Tuesday morning, and we got reconnected a chilly 39 hours later.

Anyhow, here are some of my best photos capturing what went on in December:
he looks so grown up next to her... and she looks so cheeky!

riding on my bike

the Christmas Tree!

"I will ride it with her.  I will look after her."

Grandma came for a visit!

Up to mischief?  You bet!

Feeding some imaginary mice to the eagle.

Early exploration with paint (taste good?)

"I did paint a moustache on me"

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