Monday, 30 January 2012

Home Farmer

This is going to sound just a little bonkers, but today my trip to the doormat to collect the mail let to a whoop, and a "Yay! Yay! Yay!  Mummy's magazine is here!  Yippee!".  What could cause such delight and celebration?  

My copy of Home Farmer arriving from the hard-working hands of Postie.

I've spent many years searching for a magazine that suits me, that interests me and that I look forward to enough that I'll subscribe to it.  For Hubby it's Wanderlust - tempting his itching feet with adventures to plan and look forward to in the future.  I quite liked things like Essentials and Prima - but while they included recipes and crafts, they still had too much emphasis on clothing and make-up for my liking, and seemed to be aimed at a different generation.  I had a go at some of the parenting or Mother and Baby magazines for a while too, but they seemed geared to the worriers and the buy-everything-brigade.  The ads for nappies and gadgets and paraphernalia put me off immediately.  There just didn't seem much in there for my taste at all.  I tried Gardeners World too, but while I liked knowing what jobs to do each month, it was just more detailed than the time I have available allowed for.

I discovered Home Farmer by chance on the supermarket shelf, bizarrely I think it was with the car or computer magazines and just happened to catch my eye as I walked past.  After two issued I went ahead and subscribed, I knew that I would want to read this magazine every month.

Regular articles include:

  • crafts
  • jam making
  • wine-making
  • what to do on the veg patch this month (not just geared to the south England either - also appropriate to further north in Scotland)
  • chicken keeping
  • other animals
  • bee keeping (while the animals and fowl are beyond me, I still find it interesting to read)
  • recipes
  • self-sufficiency (or partial)
  • low-impact living
I love this magazine!

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