Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Feed your family for under £50 in February - week 3

I'm now three weeks into my challenge to Feed the Family for under £50 for a week, and haven't yet managed, though this week is much closer (you'll see why shortly!).  

In my original post I talked about making more porridge for breakfast, making more home-made soups for lunch, making the meat go further, and cutting down on alcohol.

The porridge thing, well... we all like porridge, but just lately C and Bug (and I) have been feeling like cereal or toast instead so we haven't had porridge more than about once a week.

Home-made soups for lunch.  It's not so much that it's time consuming, as once you've chopped the veg you've pretty much made lunch for the week.  It's just that it involved forward planning - and I'm spinning enough plates at the moment.

Making the meat go further is working.  I've bought a pack of meat, and rather than using it all (because it's a pack), I've used only half, and bulked out with veg, bread, salad etc. to make the meat stretch for another meal.

Cutting down on alcohol is also working.

This week I've done small local shops and have spent about £60.  HOWEVER - this includes shopping for ingredients to make a birthday cake, and shopping for a birthday tea party.  IT DOESN'T INCLUDE the shopping that Hubby did because he fancied more interesting stuff in his packed lunches, and some cheese, and some cider.  NOR DOES IT INCLUDE the two meals out on the actual birthday.

I do feel that I'm wasting less food this week, and I'm being more mindful of using food that I already have, and what I need to buy.  Planning just a day or two in advance seems to be working better for me than the weekly shop, even if it does mean that I absolutely have to remember to stop and buy spaghetti at the shop when I pick up C this afternoon, otherwise we're stumped for dinner!

Are you trying to cut down your weekly food spend?  What hints and tips can you recommend?


  1. Shopping at Lidl and shopping at smaller shops in general becuase you don't get tempted to 'try this new thing' -- however I then end up using more petrol because I have to make a special trip to that 'well known supermarket' to buy those few items that the family just say 'Mum why haven't we got any......'. No win situation I feel - basic message - stick to the list!

    1. Yes, problem I find though is that the smaller shops tend to have more brand name stuff, where supermarket own-brand tends to be cheaper - washing up liquid, toothpaste etc.

  2. Oh yes, I agree with anonymous above! Stick to the list and I'm an Aldi's girl. I ran into Tesco for milk this morning and spent twenty quid on rubbish for a sleepover tonight! We are at about £50 a week for food - there are only 3 of us, right enough. I don't drink and we only have meat once a week and cook fresh most nights which I find helps massively. It's easy to get stuck in a recipe rut, though!

    1. I'm such a shop snob. Have tried Aldi a couple of times, but just can't get used to having my shopping thrown at me! I much prefer the "would you like any help with your packing?" approach, even if I do have to pay for it.