Thursday, 19 January 2012

Green Balloon Club

Has anybody out there seen the Green Balloon Club?  It's on CBeebies on the weekends at 4pm.  I'm pretty selective about which children's programmes we put on, here's my list:
Green Balloon Club
Best - 

  • Green Balloon Club

Good - 

  • I Can Cook
  • The Wombles
  • Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Postman Pat
  • Balamory
Okay - 
  • Bob the Builder
  • Mr Maker
  • Nina and the Neurons
When either C or I feel like switching on the TV, I tend to say, "Let's just have a look what's on".  If it's anything in the "Good" category, then we'll watch.  Anything else and the TV stays off.  I'll make a special effort to remember to switch on at 4pm if we're at home on the weekends.  I'm not sure if I make C watch the Green Balloon Club for his benefit or because I enjoy it, though he talks about it often, so I'm pretty sure that he's getting something out of it.  
The premise of the show is that the Green Balloon (a hot air balloon) is a clubhouse for a group of children, a dog and a couple of adults.  They do nature stuff.  You can print out your own Green Balloon Club membership badge and certificate on the website, C's is laminated and the badge worn on a lanyard (like Daddy's work badge).  Each week they have a "spot of the week" where they tell you something to look out for in the outdoors, so the other week they showed pheasants, and told you what to look out for.  You can also print out a "spotters card" and some stickers to record your finds.  They encourage keeping a scrapbook to remind you of your activities, do environmental type crafts and teach the kiddies about the wildlife here in the UK.  In addition there are songs.  On the website there are games to play, colouring sheets to print and clips to watch.
Just wanted to share my favourite children's television programme at the moment!
For anybody not in the UK, you can check out the Green Balloon Club on their website

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