Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Good Green Fun

I wanted to post today about Good Green Fun.  It's in Stirling in Scotland, on the Stirling Enterprise Park.  Once you find the place you want to tell everybody all about it because it's an amazing little treasure.  It doesn't look like a shop from the outside.  It looks like an industrial unit.  And the roadway is right outside the door, so firm hands need to be kept on toddlers.
logo: good green fun
"Come on then, tell us what this place is and why it's so amazing" I hear you ask impatiently.

Well, Good Green Fun is a Community Interest Company, which means that they are not-for-profit.  They recycle (accept donations) anything for babies and children, clean it, spruce it up, make sure it works and is safe and sell it on at an incredibly decent price.  Any profit they do make goes back into building the business, or to various children's charities.
picture of the inside of our shop
In the shop you find anything from baby baths, prams and pushchairs, ride-on toys, reusable nappies, clothes, books, toys, puzzles, bed rails.  Absolutely anything that you can think of for babies and young children.  And it's all being kept out of landfill by being re-sold!  I've handed in a bouncy recliner seat for newborn baby, lots of baby clothes, maternity clothes and baby bottles.  I bought two really nice coats for the children this winter for only £4!  I've bought lots of items for the Dressing-up basket for pennies.  Yesterday I took in the maternity clothes and bottles, and came out having bought a present for Sis from C (a wooden Noah's Ark toy with wooden animals), two Disney videos and a t-shirt for C - and all for only £6!

Even better, they also have a fenced off area with bean bags and toys for the children to play in while you browse.

Just wanted to share, in case anybody lives locally and wants to shop or donate there, or to inspire somebody to set up a similar initiative where they live.  

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