Friday, 31 August 2012

Quick and easy creative ideas for toddlers - Stained glass

If you, like me, have children and doors in your house with glass panels in them, then you'll know what I mean when I talk about smeary finger prints.  I apologise, but I can't remember which blog inspired me with this one, but it's a great easy idea to add colour and art to your doors, and to take away the emphasis from the smeary fingers!
What you need:
tissue paper cut up into squares
sticky backed plastic (I think other parts of the world call it "contact paper"

Cut your sticky backed plastic to size for your windows.  Carefully lay it on the table in front of your children - encouraging them to be careful not to get it folded up.
Show the children how to stick the tissue paper just by laying it on.  You can join in too (mine's the one with the border!).  Don't cover up the whole piece of sticky backed plastic, otherwise there's none left to stick to the window.  When your child has finished their creation, stick it to one of your door panels and you have a beautiful door decoration.  

You can also adapt to include pressed flowers or autumn leaves (we'll be giving those a try once we've bought some more sticky-backed plastic!)