Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Garden bounty

I've been off on my travels again, this time a caravan trip watching the dolphins at Chanonry Point on the Black Isle in Scotland.  I'll post more on that another day.  In the meantime, for a quick post as I've lots of Scout things to do today, here are some pics of some of the exciting bounty in my garden.  I've had crops of potatoes, plenty of peas, lettuce, a bit of radish, I think I've got some runner beans and some courgettes on the way, I've had a few cherry tomatoes (though the other tomatoes are running very late and I don't think I'll get any fruit before the days are too short) and best of all - my raspberries have been amazing!  This is my second crop and I have another load ripening just now.  It's awesome.

By the way, if anybody knows anything about growing veg, I'm having issues with cauliflower - they seem to have bolted.  I had some lovely little compact florets growing, and then suddenly they've all spread out and turned into full on flowers.  Could this be because I'm growing them too close together?  Any advice appreciated.

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