Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Quick and easy activity for toddlers - painting pebbles

Okay, so I know that you're not supposed to remove any rocks, pebbles or sand from the beach because of erosion and so on, but I'll admit that we liberated six or seven large pebbles from the beach when we were away in the caravan last week.

Painting pebbles makes a great quick and easy activity for toddlers, and the result will brighten up any garden.  You can either use water based paints (most children's paints) which will then wash off in the rain at some point, or you can use acrylics which will make more mess on your toddler, but will last longer outside.  I'm aiming to use water-based until they come up with a design that they are particularly proud of and then we'll paint over that one with acrylic in the future.

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