Thursday, 26 December 2013

Toddler Activity Cards

When reading parenting forums, particularly amongst Stay-at-Home-Mums you'll often come across a plea for ideas of simple things to do with toddlers.  Things which don't take much effort, minimal resources.  We're talking about easy activities to allow parents to spend quality time with small children who don't have the attention span or skills to play involved games.  Sometimes these activities can be used to distract a child who is about to lose the plot, who is demonstrating that dreaded attention-seeking behaviour.
When C was little and I was heavily pregnant with Bug I compiled one hundred simple activities and made a set of cards.  These cards have been in a stack on the bookcase in the sitting-room ever since (nearly three years now) and whenever I could see that the children were needing some direction I would just grab the top card on the pile and try to do the activity.  Now that they are older (four and a half and nearly three years old) they are pretty good at using their own imaginations for independent play, and if they are struggling I'll get out the colouring books, or a card or board game, or simply change around the toys on offer in the sitting room, but there are still ample opportunities for these five-minute activities to distract and redirect, to build skills and interact.

In short, these activity cards have been awesome.  So here comes my commercial idea... Could I print these out on nice card with an attractive design on the back, and sell them on my website or craft stall?  Would people pay £5 for a set of 100 "Quick And Simple Activities for Toddlers"?  What do you think?


  1. Yes, sounds good to me. Cards are handier than a book. Go for it! Nicely presented I'm sure they'd be a hit.

    1. great! Now I just need to get on and print out a few sets.