Saturday, 14 December 2013

Jobs in the garden this winter

Any regular followers will know that I'm a compulsive list maker.  So rather than gazing out of the window at all the jobs that need doing this winter, I felt the need to stroll around the garden and catalogue the big jobs that need doing.  That way I'll have a list, and a list means things to tick off.

So here's what we have:

this area needs to be dug out to make a pond, and the edges evened up

both the holly and the ash here are completely overgrown and encroaching on overhead cables as well as my garden, so they need a bit of serious work
these leylandii are coming down.  There was a row of them and Hubby has taken most of them down, just leaving the two largest to take down a little at a time.  It'll add a lot of light to the spare bedroom window (on the right).
we have several piles of leylandii choppings which are gradually being mulched or burned as the winter progresses.  It's a slow job.
here's another pile of leylandii clippings
this bed at the front needs tidying, and I'm going to take some hardwood hineysuckle cuttings too, and plant them here to scramble up over the railing.  I'll try it and see what happens.
this bed is being gradually encroached upon by both the beech hedge behind and the lawn in front.  The lawn is mostly made up of moss, so I'm aiming to dig out more lawn to make the flower beds bigger, and plant with some flowering perennials, bulbs etc.
I need to finish trimming the beech hedge.  It needs doing twice a year, but while I was doing it in July I disturbed a wasp nest and they let me know that they weren't very happy about it.  I nursed my stings and left the hedge well alone.  The wasps all seem to have gone now, so I'll wait for a dry day and finish the job.
a couple of dry days in early spring should be enough to get the garage doors repainted (then I just have to start on all the railings on the verandah, and the gates to the back garden)

veggie beds need: carrots harvesting, overwintering garlic and onions tending, everything else clearing and mulching.
I'm building a sort of wall here with 'found' stone and bringing it up to make a flat bed.  The conifer shrubs will be going.

lots of these to tidy back

leaves all over the place needing to be collected and put in the leaf mulcher (chicken wire bin)

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