Saturday, 28 December 2013

Quilted place setting place-mats - TUTORIAL

Quilted place setting placemats – tutorial

First decide on the layout of your place settings.  I used an A3 sized piece of paper and laid out a plate, cup and cutlery and then drew around them.  Do this in mirror image as well.

Choose your fabric.  Use a plain fabric for the place setting side, but you can use any pattern on the other side.  You’ll need your A3 size of each, plus some wadding.  I made six, so needed 6 times this much.  Measure the perimeter as well, as you’ll need to buy bias binding.  You’ll also want some co-ordinating thread for the quilting, and some contrast thread for your place setting.  Cut out the fabrics to the right size.

Baste your plain fabric to your wadding to hold it in place.  Draw over the design on your mirror image layout with chalk.  Then press it face down on the plain fabric so that you have a chalk image the correct way around.  Use back-stitch to hand sew your place-setting design.

Now baste the other piece of fabric on to the other side of the wadding.  Depending on your design you can hand or machine quilt this.  I used a machine to do simple diamond shapes.

Trim the edges of your fabrics and wadding so that they all line up.  Pin your bias binding in place and sew it on.

Trim all loose threads and pull all basting out.

Enjoy your very own personal quilted place setting place-mat!

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