Friday, 27 December 2013

Crafting gifts - crochet cushion

I first picked up a crochet hook this time last year.  I'd bought a book "First Crochet" by Lesley Stansfield, and took it with me to Mum's so that she could help me master the crochet chain.  Then I posted back in March about a dolls hat I crocheted and in August I crocheted a little bag. I've been alternating big knitting projects with crochet, but when I made the bag in August I knew that I had finally got the hang of double crochet.

In view of Mum's support and inspiration in all things crafty, I decided back then that I was going to make her a crochet cushion cover using double crochet for Christmas.  It's one of the next patterns in the Lesley Stansfield book.  I altered the colours to suit mum's sitting room, and towards the end of November, when I'd only got the hood left to do on C's jumper I put the knitting aside and got on with the crochet so that it would be finished in time for Christmas.

I'm pretty delighted with the result, it came out really well, with even stitching, no stitches lost randomly on the ends of rows and the outcome looks very smart.  It was also quite cheap to post!  The cushion pad to go inside was quite tricky to find, as it's not a standard size, but John Lewis came up trumps.  I think I might make one for my sitting room next!

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