Sunday, 15 December 2013

Making intentions into habits

I've blogged here about how I'm trying to turn my resolutions into habits.  I'm trying to focus on one new resolution each week, and keep concentrating on it for five weeks, by which time hopefully it will be a habit.  

Week One was drink more water.  The focus was to try to drink a glass of water every hour and a half, until it became habit for me to drink much more water.  I'm definitely drinking more than I did before, but I'm still only averaging three or four glasses, and yesterday (after three weeks) I fell off the bandwagon completely and drunk no glasses of water at all.  I think a little more effort is required here.  I don't think I need to drink 10 glasses a day, that's a bit extreme, but I would aim for about six glasses.

Week Two was to help the children remember to feed the fish before they brush their teeth, morning and evening.  They've been doing really well.  We're two weeks in, and they've even been reminding me on occasion.  Yesterday was the first day that both of them forgot (and me).  What happened yesterday?

Week Three was to get the children doing a "ten-minute tidy-up" in the morning before starting to play.  We set the timer straight after tooth-brushing, I give them a job to do (hoovering the sitting room, wiping the cupboards, dusting the shelves), set the timer and off we go.  This has gone quite well this week.  C is enjoying the jobs.  Bug needs supervision and support, as she's only two, and very easily distracted, quickly losing interest and playing instead.

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Week Four started yesterday.  I'm aiming to do just 50 sit-ups a day.  My exercise regime is very haphazard.  In the long summer evenings I'm often out running, but our muddy footpaths and tracks around here are lethal in the dark so that doesn't happen in the winter.  The exercise DVD and exercise bike were good when I had some time to myself during the day, but as soon as I start when the children are around there are instant interruptions.  The best I am managing at the moment is a walk either slowly with the children and the dog, or quickly in the dark with the dog.  50 sit-ups will be a significant addition to this.

Each of us must work for his own improvement, and at the same time share a general responsibility for all humanity.
Marie Curie

How do you make and keep resolutions?

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