Monday, 23 December 2013

Crafting away in the background

I haven't posted much here about my crafting just lately.  Some of that is because the things I've been making are secrets, and I don't want the victims (oops, I mean "happy recipients") to know what I've been making for them.  I have also been making something which isn't a secret, but its taken me a very long time, with breaks in the middle to make the other stuff.  I finished it over the weekend, and here it is:

This is my first ever attempt at cable knitting and I am very proud.  As you can see its pretty enormous on C.  Mum suggested that the first time people do cable they tend to make their knitting tighter than usual, and also I didn't know how long it was going to take, so I made it for age 6-7, even though he's still only 4.  Never mind, at least I know he's going to have a nice woolly jumper for a few years!  There are a couple of mistakes, but I don't mind and I don't think he will either.  I certainly wasn't going to unpick my knitting again, I already had to do that to the front when I was about thirty rows in, and to the back at about fifty rows in.. grrrr...

The pattern is Design 2377 from Hayfield "Arans for Beginners" booklet.
The yarn is Wendy Aran with 25% wool, shade 696 "Oak", I bought 400g at £9.95, and still have plenty left.

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