Sunday, 1 May 2011

Howard's End

I've just finished reading this book by E. M. Forster and I really enjoyed it.  The basic storyline is that a pair of young women, absorbed by "culture", "society" and conversation come into contact with two very different sets of people.  One set, the Wilcoxes, are about things and facts rather than people and emotions, with the exception of the mother.  The second set are the family of a lowly clerk and his wife.  During the course of the book, the stories of these sisters and the two sets of people weave, and the reader is led through a discussion on the merits of class over effort, of emotions and experiences over a more hard-headed business approach.

I was interested by E.M. Forster's decision to have two women as his main characters.  I'm not sure that I would be confident to depict the depths of character of a man, I sometimes wonder whether I could even say that I understand other women, let alone men!

I'd like to watch the film version of the book, starring Helena Bonham-Carter, Antony Hopkins and Emma Thompson.

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