Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Toddler Garden

 I love watching Little C in the garden.  He potters about.  

He sits on the wooden otter.  

He plays in the little car which is temporarily housed in our garden on its way from the Mother and Toddler group to the recycling centre, it's broken and scratches the floor of the village hall, but it's fine for playing in the garden.

Grandma bought him a little trolley with a bucket, spade, rake and watering can, and he loves to get his "water can" filled up and water the plants.  He also rakes and sieves gravel, digs soil and uses paint brushes to paint the shed with water.

He "helps" with digging and sowing seeds and raking.

We've also made a garden just for Little C.  We planted a tomato and a strawberry plant, some flowers and some sunflower seeds together, and added a plastic duck, a jiggly frog and a wind mill.  He loves it, waters the plants and moves the ornaments around.  As time goes on I'll also plant a runner bean or two with him, and then we'll be able to watch things grow, and harvest the fruits and veg.

We do have some garden rules.  Although he can't read yet, I've printed them out and pinned them up in the kitchen to refer to.  I'm hoping that enough reference will firmly lodge them in his mind:

  1. Always ask before you go in the garden, and then stay in the garden where Mummy or Daddy can see you.
  2. Keep an eye out for dog poo and tell Mummy or Daddy if you see any so that we can clear it up.  (We do a poo hunt for the Waggy-Tailed-One's mess as soon as he goes out, but there's always a chance that we might have missed one)
  3. Don't eat anything from the garden unless Mummy or Daddy have given it to you and says it's okay.
  4. When Mummy and Daddy say it's time to come in from the garden, come in straight away without any fuss.
  5. Always wash your hands when you come in from the garden.

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