Monday, 30 May 2011

Aims for the week:

  1. mow the lawns (did it this lunchtime while the wee ones were sleeping - so that's one ticked off already!)
  2. cement posts into fruit bed in garden so that I can put up netting (I've been meaning to do this since last Summer)
  3. start making my niece's first birthday present (another doll like these)
  4. go out jogging or on the exercise bike at least once

That's it.  I'm trying to be good and not set myself too many things to do so I don't get stressed when I don't achieve any of them.  Of course, I also intend to:
  • be kind to myself, and carve out some time when I'm not constantly in demand and can think about me.
  • be kind to my family - I was immensely stroppy with Big C this weekend, for no apparent reason that I can think of.  Perhaps Little Sister's awesome sleeping-through-the-night pattern might be bringing on an early return of PMT...
  • clear my desk of paperwork
  • Support my community (Scout AGM tonight, local village Gala next Saturday, promoting Baby and Toddler group etc.)

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