Monday, 25 April 2011


Have you ever been bought a pot grown miniature rose for a gift, loved it and tended it and then had it die on you after only a few weeks?  It's happened to me a few times, leaving me feeling guilty for managing to kill my gift... until I discovered the secret...
They actually crowd several small bush miniatures into the pot for the maximum number of flowers, the ppoor things are massively overcrowded in those pots, so no wonder they flower and die!

I discovered this last summer.  My sister had been staying with her children and bought me a gorgeous yellow miniature rose bush.  After a few weeks it started to die so I thought I would try re-potting.  I discovered that there were five plants in the pot.  I was too late to save three of them, but the other two, in their own individual pots, trimmed back and cared for, are still thriving today.

Big C knows I love flowers, he knows that I prefer them alive, and he knows that I have discovered the miniature rose secret...

so look what I got for our anniversary:

Not just a pot of roses, but eight beautiful red miniature rose plants!

Long live roses!

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