Sunday, 29 May 2011

Egg Crafts

I know Easter has been and gone, but here are a couple of crafty ideas to do with eggs.

Egg Tree
this pic doesn't show it to best effect
flowers have gone and it's squeezed in next to sink!
Celebrate spring or Easter with your own family tradition.  Each year get each member of the family to decorate a blown egg (as the children get older the decorations can get more intricate) using anything from paints, to felt pens, stickers, ribbons, feathers and so on.  Somewhere near the top or bottom of the egg write (small) who made it and the year.  Bring in a small twiggy branch and arrange in a vase with some spring flowers.  Now hang your eggs, and the ones from previous years, which you've carefully preserved in an egg box, from your branch.  I used treasury tags, as you can easily insert one end in to the hole where you've blown the egg, and it then holds in place, the other end can be twisted/tied around the branch.

To blow an egg make a small hole at one end and a larger hole at the other end using a pin.  The larger the holes the easier to blow, but the more difficult to achieve without cracking the egg!  Now put your lips to the smaller hole and blow.  The inside of the egg will come out of the larger hole, where it can be collected in a bowl.  Now suck up some water into the egg, shake and blow again to clean out the insides.  Your egg can be scrambled or used for omelettes or baking as long as nobody minds (or knows!) that you've blown all over them.

Cressy egg heads
First eat some boiled eggs with toasty soldiers.  Now take your egg shells (any that haven't been too mangled by your toddler).  Fill them with cotton wool balls.  Draw faces on with permanent marker or felt pens.  Sprinkle cress seeds on to the cotton wool and water.  Place them in egg cups where your toddler can see them but can't mangle them.  Over the next few days occasionally water them and marvel as the seeds quickly germinate and grow into hair for the eggs.

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