Monday, 23 May 2011

A day in the life...

Today was a stay at home day.  The weather was pretty awful with gale force winds and heavy rain.  So we stayed at home and chilled:

6am - my day begins as I hear Little Sister requesting a feed.  I fetch her from her room into our bed, feed her and she settles back to sleep.

6.45 - Big C is still not stirring much, Little Sister is back to sleep and the rain is bucketing down outside.  I decide to get up and take the Waggy-Tailed-One out for a run.

7.20am - I'm home again.  Take off wet things, dry dog, set out breakfast things, unload dishwasher and dive in the shower.

7.30ish - Get out of the shower to be greeted by Little C, dress, have breakfast and a coffee.

8.15ish - Big C leaves for work.  Little Sister wakes and has a nappy change and gets dressed.  Then Little C has a nappy change, gets dressed and brushes teeth.  Little C plays and reads while Little Sister has a good feed.

Around 9.30 - I take a very sleepy Little Sister through and put her in her cot for a morning nap.  Little C and I head upstairs where he does some drawing in his room and I clear some paperwork on my desk.  The nap was unsuccessful so we head downstairs to retrieve the crying Little Sister.  I change Little C's nappy.

It's now about 10am - Little Sister has a cuddle and then sits in her bouncy chair.  Little C gets creative with  the play dough and I order a big monthly grocery shop online (I've been building up my shopping basket over the last few weeks and am now just adding the last few items and booking my delivery slot.

11am - through to the kitchen where I heat up some soup and butter some bread for Little C and I to eat lunch.  Afterwards, while Little C is still eating, I put the ingredients in the bread maker and switch it on.  Then Little Sister, who by now is really tired, starts to get hungry, so I give her a quick bit of milk, then take her through, change her nappy and lay her on my bed.  I whizz back to Little C, clean the tomato soup off him, change his nappy and settle him into bed for a nap.

11.45am - Little Sister is getting desperate.  I climb into bed beside her and settle down for a feed/snooze.  I can now rest and cuddle her (interrupted only by the cold caller, who also wakes Little C, at 1.45pm) until...

2pm - I leave Little Sister comfortably asleep in bed and go and get Little C.  He plays happily in his room for a little while as I change the bedding on his bed and hers, and put a washload on, then he comes downstairs to watch a few episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine while eating a snack of apple, yoghurt and Rice Crispies.  I have some of the snack and then let him get on with it while I sort some laundry and do some ironing.

3.30ish - I get Little Sister (big nap!).  I give her some more milk.  Then I get a whole load of hats and scarves and things and play dressing-up with Little C.

4.30ish - I run a bath and bathe Little Sister while Little C rides his trike around the house.  Then, once she is dry and dressed, he gets in the bath.

5.15ish - Little C sits in the hallway, naked, playing with his towel.  Little Sister is settling back to sleep in the sling.  I'm starting to make dinner.

5.45ish - Big C gets home and we have dinner.  Little Sister wakes just after 6.  After dinner I change her nappy, change Little C's nappy, both in PJs, and feed Little Sister, while Big C cleans up the kitchen and gets changed.  Big C has a cuddle with both. 

6.45ish - I take Little C to bed and Big C takes Little Sister, armed with a bottle of expressed milk.  By 7.15, I'm hanging the laundry and clearing some more paperwork.

8ish - Little Sister isn't having any of it and is now latched on to me again.

9pm - I put her back in her bed.  She's fast asleep.

9.30pm - She's crying.  I leave my blog-post and go and fetch her.  It's now nearly 10pm and she's on my knee, hiccoughing, she's filled her nappy again!  I'm going to post this and then settle in front of the TV for half an hour.  If she's still awake at the end of that, then she's coming to bed with me - Bummer.  On a plus note, Big C has just taken her to change her nappy.

Wow - big long post!  Sorry it's just filled with the minutiae of mundanity, but for those of you who don't do it, this is what a stay-at-home day looks like for a stay-at-home mum with an almost 2 year old and a 3 month old.

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