Friday, 27 February 2015

Making a work-space that works - my dream work-space!

As a work-at-home writer and crafter (or working towards that goal) I would love to have a dedicated work space.  At the moment we're renting a home and my things are spread throughout the house:

  • In the kitchen is where I do large scale priming and varnishing of wooden shapes, and when I'm working on these they are spread out on the floor around the edge of the room
  • In the dining room I share a computer and desk with Hubby.  My writing files are piled up on the floor in the corner.  My sewing machine lives on the floor under the dining table.  Various half-finished craft projects are moved between the floor and the dining table and back again at meal times.
  • In the sitting room I have any knitting or hand-sewing projects in progress around my chair.
  • In the bedroom I have my craft books, my knitting wool and my fabric store.
  • In the hallway I have a chest of drawers full of crafting paraphernalia, paint, paper etc. and a shelf for all my writing books.
Not ideal, but only a temporary stop-gap.  

So now I get to dream about a potential dedicated work space in our new house.  It's difficult to guess ahead, as we don't know what kind of property we're going to end up with: 3 bedrooms or 4; an attic or cellar space; a conservatory; how big or small the rooms are.  We just don't know yet.

What I would like is one dedicated space where I can keep all my things and do my work and crafting, whether that's in the spare bedroom, in the attic with the model railway, in a cubby under the stairs, or in a corner of our bedroom.  Then I can make it work for me.  
Here's what it needs: 
  • a desk or table with a computer or laptop and printer;
  • my crafting drawers;
  • a small bookcase for all my files and writing and crafting books;
  • more storage for fabric, wool, sewing machine, Sunbow stock, packaging materials;
  • a little bit of floor space;
I've been searching on Pinterest for some ideas that I love and have created this board.  Here are a few snippets to whet your appetite:
25 Creative Workspace Ideas - Inspiration for designing a creative home office, studio or craft room.


  1. I hope that you can have a wonderful workspace! xx

    1. Thanks! Got to sell a house and then find another one first, but hoping that my little space won't get forgotten.

  2. This is my dream as well! I often wonder what it would be like to have my own dedicated work space. I have a small setup in the basement of our home, but it's been a slow work in progress since my children are so young. Until then, there will be paint on the kitchen table and my inventory will constantly be stolen by my little girls haha!

    1. Yes, mine haven't quite got on to pinching my stuff yet, but having to shift it all the time, and not knowing where anything is can be a little discouraging.