Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Feed your family for £50 in February - week 1

I've just done my first weekly grocery shop in February.  If you're new to this, check out my Feed your family for £50 challenge post here.  Here's how I got on:

Local greengrocer
Fresh fruit and veg - just under £10

Remainder of shop at Morrisons supermarket
Meat - whole chicken, minced beef and chicken fillets - 3 for £10 offer
Other refrigerated items, including ham, cheese, milk, quiche etc. - £12.68
2 packs cereal and some pain au chocolat for breakfasts - £4.92
snack and packed lunch items - £4.68
sliced bread, bread rolls and bread flour - £2.60
other - jam, kidney beans, frozen pizza for lunch, raisins, chopped toms and eggs - £8.35
Supermarket total - £43.15

Grand Total - £53

The meals I intend cooking are: burgers in baps with wedges and beans (already got all this); spaghetti bolognaise with plenty of veg - only use half the bolognaise; chicken and chorizo paella; chilli (add kidney beans and chilli to remainder of bolognaise sauce); roast chicken with mash and veg; fish pie (already have ingredients); chicken casserole using remainder of chicken from roast; plus breakfasts and lunches for everybody for a week.

I made the mistake of shopping while hungry, which meant that a few more snack items were added than should have been.  I did go past the local butcher this morning, but chose to buy my meat at the supermarket simply because I'd already planned my menu based on the 3 for £10 offer - next time maybe I'll shop in the town more frequently, rather than a once a week supermarket shop, and see how that impacts on the cost of my groceries.

As you can see, I did go over my target of £50, but have let myself off the hook on a technicality... I had two £5 Match and More vouchers from the supermarket!  This means that I can do a small top up shop on the weekend for milk etc if required, without feeling TOO bad!

So next week I'll only plan my menu a couple of days in advance, and shop more frequently in local shops (especially since I've now found where I can park for an hour for free in the local town) and see how I get on with that.

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  1. It'll be interesting to see how you get on when you shop in local shops as I would imagine it would be more expensive. We had a £2.50 voucher from Tesco's on their 3 for £10 meat range last week, so we got 3 for £7.50. The chicken which I got worked out at £2.50 and it made a roast dinner for three of us one night and the leftovers were made in to pies for three of us another night, you can't say fairer than that.