Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Missing Link

So far this year, so good.  I had a system in place, several actually, and I was on top of things.  

  • The children and I had a great morning routine sorted out, so that there was time for dressing, teeth, housework, breakfast, playing without too much exasperation or nagging.  
  • I had a system in full operation for the laundry and ironing, which was all under control.  
  • I had a system of organising the weeks meals, shopping and cooking.  
  • There was plenty of time to do crafts and activities with the children.  
  • I was getting Scout stuff done, as well as crafty bits and pieces.  

But it turns out that there is one crucial link in all these systems, and if something happens to that link then it all falls apart.  Well, over the last 9 days that link got ill.  Here's the link:
...It's me, in case you're wondering...
A horrible cold, feverishness, headaches, and then a tight chest and a cough that could wake the dead (all night long).  I'm sure that when I used to have a real job (Primary School Teacher) I would occasionally get a virus.  I'd feel horrible for a couple of days, but then I'd get over it.  It seems that at the moment I'm just not able to simply throw off a virus, this is the third or fourth in the last twelve months that has completely wiped me out for several days.  

I'd get up and get dressed, get C to pre-school and then go home and lie on the sofa for a couple of hours (abandoning Bug to the ravages of CBeebies or whatever mischief she could get up to).  We'd go and get C, then I'd prepare them lunch, get Bug off for her nap and go to sleep myself (abandoning C to the ravages of CBeebies or whatever mischief he could get up to).  I'd then spend the remainder of the afternoon on the sofa under a duvet, emerging only to make the dinner.  Hubby got home and I went to bed.  
As you can imagine, the house is a tip, and my lists... my systems... all the jobs waiting to be done, well, they still need doing.  The worst is that over the last few days I've felt better in myself - the aching and the fever have subsided, I'm just worn out from coughing all night.  So I'm desperate to get on and get things done, but don't have the energy!

Never mind.  Determinedly positive.

  • feeling lots better
  • going to visit the family
  • exciting day planned for Bug's 3rd birthday on Friday (3 already!)
  • I got everything under control, so I'll get everything under control again
Here goes....


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling a little better. We've had a house full of germs here for a couple of weeks too, we've all had a cold, headaches and general aches, in fact, even Daniel's had it and he's away at uni. It's not so bad if I'm out of action now, but I remember what it was like when the kids were small, you just don't get to be ill, you've got to soldier on.

    1. Thanks, I keep telling myself that it's ok to be unwell and just leave everybody to get on with things and let the housework slide, and ... but well... the laundry doesn't do itself, and sometimes, without a little parental input and steering the children start to get a little ... wild!