Sunday, 3 February 2013

Simple crafting - coats for teddies!

 It all started with the little "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" house that I (cough - Mrs Santa) made for Bug.  Daddy Bear has on a green waistcoat.  Suddenly Bug decided that Teddy - the love of her life - needed to put on the waistcoat, but it wouldn't fit!  I offered to make Teddy his very own waistcoat, and she was delighted to be able to choose the colour.  She also insisted that it needed to have a button.  So Teddy has a red waistcoat.  It wasn't long before C brought me Bunny (I knitted Bunny for him when he was just a bump).  Bunny needed not only a long purple waistcoat, but also a hat.
The method is very easy.  Use felt, it comes in a variety of colours, is very forgiving and doesn't need any hemming.  Use the teddy to design your pattern, fold over the felt when you cut it so that it's the same on both sides.  Cut the shapes you need, and then stitch any joins, using a co-ordinating thread.  Sew on any buttons you want, and use narrow ribbon to make a loop to fasten the button.  It might not look as though it will appear on a catwalk any time soon, but your toddler will love it - and the fact that they can ask for it and it will be complete in just half an hour suits even their impatience!

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