Tuesday, 5 February 2013

What to do with limes

I have five limes sitting in my fruit basket.  They've been there for a couple of weeks and are definitely now past their best.  I needed one for a recipe, but this particular supermarket only sold them in packs of 6.  For some reason we aren't drinking much G&T at the moment, so the limes are just sitting there.  So a quick web-search has revealed the following uses for my limes:

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Get a case of Corona, put a wedge of lime in the top of each bottle and drink.  I'm liking this one, though I'll need to drink a lot of Corona to use up 5 limes!

Squeeze the juice and freeze it to use in future recipes.  Very practical.  I'm liking.
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Slice and freeze, ready for when we are back on the G&T in the future.
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Yoghurt, mint and lime marinade - for any meat.  (from Jamie Oliver's The Naked Chef): 1 pint natural yoghurt, 2 handfuls of chopped fresh mint, zest and juice of two limes, 1tbsp coriander seeds (crushed), salt and pepper and a couple of tbsp olive oil.  Mix together all the ingredients and smear over the meat - leave to marinade.
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Refreshing drink - slice the limes, add a cupful of white sugar.  Mash the limes and sugar until all the sugar has dissolved.  Leave to stand for ten minutes.  Top with 6 cupfuls of water and a cupful of ice and serve in tall glasses.
Coconut Lime Pancakes
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Pancakes with lime and sugar instead of lemon and sugar.

I'm loving these ideas!

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