Sunday, 27 January 2013

Groovy snowman!

Before the snow all melts or washes away in a torrent of rain I want to share with you our groovy snowman.
Isn't he gorgeous?  C insisted on the sunglasses, but wasn't impressed with my choice of hat, he thought one of my best ones would be better than one from the dressing up box.  Bug was most insistent that he should be wearing a scarf.  He did have a plum for a nose, but I just can't make it stay on his face.  C is disappointed that the magic hasn't worked and he hasn't come to life like the snowman in the film.

This picture was actually taken last week, and the mega snowfall that we had on Friday (another 12 inches) has now pretty much obliterated the snowman, who collapsed under the weight of so much extra snow.  Still, we all helped clear the driveway yesterday for an elderly neighbour, we've been out and about on the sledges, and C and I spent one twilight digging snow caves in the front garden, in which we placed tea-lights, to welcome Hubby home and light his way up the path.  A little bit magical.  I'll confess, I now want to get back to going jogging in the evening, being able to go out for a walk with the children (the snow is just too deep for them to manage far), and to be able to get into the cellar without fear of the cornice hanging from the conservatory roof.  In short, I'm ready to get back to the wet but not nearly so beautiful weather that makes up the rest of a Scottish winter!

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