Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Quick and Easy Craft Ideas for Toddlers - Sticking

I'm sure that I've mentioned this on here before, but it's such a great activity, so easy and yet allowing them to practise so many skills that I'm going to put it on again.
What you need: some paper - preferably allow them to choose their colour; some glue - you can use PVA and a spreader or a glue stick (I like to vary it so that they get practice at both); some scissors - zig-zag ones make a change; old newspapers, catalogues or magazines - our theme for January was "plants" so we had out the plant catalogues.
What to do
Get the children to choose their paper colour and decide which way up it will go.  This is a useful TEACHING POINT - you can introduce the vocabulary of landscape and portrait.

Give them a catalogue and depending on their age and ability or inclination, or whether you are focusing on cutting skills or sticking skills, they either cut out whatever pictures take their fancy, or you do.  
Once they've got a good selection of pictures, encourage them to work out where on the paper they are going to stick them.  This is another TEACHING POINT - you are encouraging them to think through their art work before they launch into it.
Then they get sticking.  Depending on their age and experience you'll have a few different teaching points here too - do they put the glue on the paper or on the picture to stick?  Does the glue go on the back or the front of the picture?  How much glue do they need?  Should the glue go in the middle or around the edge?
It's so much fun and they love the results.

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