Thursday, 7 February 2013

Dolls clothes patterns

I've got a parcel of outgrown clothes to post to my sister, but want to include a little present for her children too.  I'm thinking some form of stationery for my 5 year old nephew, which I'll let C choose, a toy that Isobel no longer plays with for the baby nephew, and an outfit for my 2 year old niece's doll.

However.... I don't have any dolls clothes patterns!  Here are a few that I found on the internet:

A whole selection of patterns if you want to buy them.  Minerva Crafts have a huge selection.
Simplicity Sewing Pattern - Doll Clothes Sizes: OS (ONE SIZE)
Sew Essentials also has a large range of Kwik Sew patterns that you can download, but a bit more expensive.
Clothes For 18 Inch Doll Kwik Sew Sewing Pattern No. 3965. One Size.

The best that I've found though, in terms of being both free and incredibly simple - because my niece is only two and I also want to make them quickly - are here on the We Wilsons blog.  

I can't wait to get started (though I've a ton of work for my Scout role to do first!) and will post on here again in the next day or two and show you how I got on.

All pictures here are from the websites I've linked to in the text above them.

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