Saturday, 4 January 2020

Writing Circle Exercise - The Coop

The exercises (or workshops) we do at our Writing Circle are always entertaining.  You get a title, nothing more, and then you have about ten to fifteen minutes to come up with something.  After that, we all take it in turns to read out what we've written.  They are never the same, we all come at things from different angles, with different experiences and different writing styles.  This one was no exception.  It was the homework exercise from the last meeting.  As I hadn't been at the last session and didn't know the homework title, I wrote mine in the first five minutes of the session, while waiting for others to arrive.  Rob had written a play on words between chicken coop, co-operative and military coup.  Sheila wrote about a holiday home on the beach in Australia, called the Coop.
Here was my effort:

Henrietta de Lacey-Bonnington looked around narrowly.  These newcomers needed to understand the pecking order around here.  They were asleep just now, feathers puffed up and eyelids relaxed.  If she had anything to do with it that wouldn't last long.  Henrietta cast her eye along the perch, remembering all the names: Carla Orpington, Delilah Tracey, she couldn't recall the next two, they weren't much of anything.  Finally she got to Celia and clucked angrily to herself.  There was no denying she was a spring chicken.  Her white fluffy feathers moved gently in the air from the ventilation.  Her feet were clean and smart, her comb erect and bright pink.  Henrietta's mind whirred.  There was no way she could allow the great and handsome Sir Gordon Bantham-Jones to meet this young upstart.  There would have to be some feathers ruffled.  Some good solid hen-pecking should knock her down a peg or two.  Henrietta sniffed, she must remain top of the coop.
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