Friday, 23 January 2015

Papier Mache Projects

When it comes to craft projects, papier mache is often overlooked in favour of something... well.... less MESSY.

What a mistake!

Papier mache is sooo much fun, costs next to nothing and is incredibly versatile.  Here are just a few project ideas to get your creative fingers itching:

1 - monsters from
2 - bowls from
3 - igloo from
4 - animals from

using balloons - 
5 - masks from
6 - penny boxes from 

using plastic bottles - 
7 - aeroplane from
8 - space rocket from

9 - island or scenery for small world play - from here on
10 - alphabet letters from
11 - food for role play from
12 - wall decorations from

Okay, so now that I've compiled this blog post I am absolutely desperate to try a few more of these projects! Watch this space to see some results in the near future!

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