Monday, 7 July 2014

How are we doing?

A brief moment to take stock, before continuing with my mammoth to-do list:

  • the house has been on the market for a week and a half now.  I was beginning to worry about no viewings, despite being told on a regular basis to relax and be patient.  Then we had one on Friday!  The couple were lovely, and it was quite clear that they liked the house, particularly the lady.  I felt much better to be able to show my house, which is really rather nice.  Feedback tells me that I was right, the lady loved the house and wanted to make an offer, the man wasn't too sure though, as there's so much flexibility in the layout that he couldn't quite work out how it would work for them.  They didn't find anywhere else over the weekend though, so there's still hope.
  • I'm off with the kiddies on Wednesday morning.  We're going to Herefordshire to look at schools.  Hubby will join us on Friday night/Saturday morning and we'll find a house to rent.  Then we'll get the children enrolled at school (hopefully it's as easy as that!) before the end of term next Wednesday.  We'll beetle around Herefordshire for the rest of the week, then on to North Wales for a week of holiday before heading home.  So a major part of my list is getting all the holiday stuff and the caravan ready!
  • The house has to be absolutely spotless while we're away, because there's a neighbour keeping an eye on the place for us, and the estate agents have the keys to be able to conduct showings in our absence.  Yep, that's another major part of my list!
  • While we're away C will have his 5th birthday - I can't believe he's five already.  So I mustn't forget to pack candles and matches, birthday cards and presents, balloons and banners ready for the big day.
  • During the Easter holidays, while Hubby was off work and able to look after the children, I took the opportunity for a rare trip to the hairdressers.  I like what she did with  my hair, and I like the pampered feeling, so I've decided to repeat the process tomorrow, ready for the holiday.  I'm not sure that I'll feel quite so pampered while keeping an eye on what the children are up to, but I'm prepared to risk it.
  • On our return we'll have house-guests for a few days, staying with us to visit the Commonwealth Games, so I also need to make sure that they'll find everything that they need when they arrive.
  • That's pretty much it, apart from that I've been trying hard to exercise every day and to eat more healthily as part of a 5 week pre-holiday challenge.  It's time to weigh and measure tomorrow to see how I've done...

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