Friday, 9 May 2014

More creative makes - a key ring display, and dressing-up capes.

I've been busy making things again.  Nobody minds too much that the garden needs a tidy up, or that the stairs need hoovering do they?  Or that the Clackmannanshire Scout District Camp that I'm organising is only a week away and ... hmmm... I'm still short of volunteers for some of the bases?

Instead of worrying about those things, I've made a couple of things for the sprogs.

It's dressing-up week at pre-school this week.  On Tuesday it was Pirates and Princesses (and I was so pleased to see a liberated boy opting to be a princess, I thought C might have done, but in the end he decided to go Pirate).  Wednesday was Onesie day.  We don't have onesies and I wasn't prepared to buy one, so they went in their favourite pyjamas!  Yesterday was "favourite dressing up outfits", so C put on his monster dressing-gown.  And today was Superhero day.  What should we do?  We don't have superhero outfits.  Our dressing-up box consists almost entirely of accessories and bits of fabric that are completely multi-functional.  In the supermarket I looked at the superhero outfits and wasn't that impressed.  BUT... I already had on my list of things-to-do that I would make the children a play cape each, and I had the pattern.  All I had to do was make the cape by Friday, and C would be ready.  I was unwell at the beginning of the week, so never made it out to the fabric shop, but Bug and I went yesterday morning.  C told me he wanted zebra or bumblebee stripes if I could find them, but red and blue if not.  Of course, I had to make two capes.  So... here they are!
This super-simple pattern is from "Growing Up Sew Liberated" by Meg McElwee.
I'm so pleased with them, and they are so simple to make, that variations may well be featuring as birthday gifts for nephews and nieces over the coming months (ssshhh... don't tell).

My other make this last couple of weeks is a display unit for C's keyrings.  He has been building his collection, buying new ones with his holiday pennies, and collecting free ones when he spots them, and he loves to get them out and admire them.  I just got a piece of scrap wood from the garage, drilled a hole in each corner, sanded it, hammered a whole load of tacks in a row, painted it with primer and then gloss paint.  Hey presto!  I've tied it on to the edge of his top bunk, and he loves it!
The problem is, it's already full.  I made it just the right size.  Which means that as his keyring collection continues to grow, I'm going to need to make another one to accommodate it.

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