Thursday, 24 April 2014

Spring in the garden

Spring has finally found its way to our corner of Scotland.  Following a glorious springtime holiday, we've come home to gently nudge our garden into life
The children's gardens.  C's is on the right, and full of strawberry plants.  He started off with one strawberry plant two years ago, and they just keep sending off runners, which he's delighted about.  He's also planted a couple of broad bean seedlings which they grew at pre-school, and some daffodils.  There's a sunflower seed in there, but so far nothing's happening with that.  I'm unsure what the chimney at the back is, he found it on the beach on holiday and insisted on bringing it back for his garden.  Bug's garden is on the left.  I'm not sure what she has in there.  I think a strawberry plant (a runner from C's garden), a potato, a flag, a duck, a couple more broad bean seedlings and any random piece of foliage or flower that she's picked from around the garden and "planted" in her bit.

I've sown an array of seeds in the greenhouse, and now must remember to keep them watered every day!

Hubby's changing the lawnmower blade, C is riding his sister's bike, and I think she's talking to an ant.

Spring flowers!

more seeds sown in the greenhouse.
What do you do in your garden at this time of year?

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