Friday, 11 April 2014

Quick post on crafty makes

Just a very quick post today, as I'm busy getting the caravan ready and the house tidy before we go on hols.  But I wanted to show a couple of the things that I've been making.
two more lined applique pencil cases - these are the first items in my stock box for my craft business, Sunbow Designs.

two wipe-clean reuseable snack pouches.  These are to use instead of small plastic sandwich bags and are a great size for bread sticks, dried fruit, biscuits, a piece of cake etc.  These are prototypes, for us to use.  They were easy to make, so another item to make more of for Sunbow Designs.

two wipe-clean reusable sandwich wraps.  Again, these are to use instead of sandwich bags, you just unwrap them, and you have a lovely little mat to eat your sandwich from.  Again, something I'll be making more of for Sunbow Designs.

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