Monday, 28 April 2014

Progress on the model railway: a picnic, a rocky skerry and a new layout

this picture from a few weeks ago shows the additional board that Hubby had laid out to double the size of the railway - it's now going to require its own room when we're house-hunting!
this picture shows how it looks now.  Hubby used blackboard paint so that we could sketch our track layout on with chalk and have a base to work up from.

This will be a harbour, with its own station (think Mallaig or Kyle of Lochalsh), a low wharf, and a rocky skerry with a lighthouse.

This is the main station, with the village in the middle of the track.

so a little while ago I posted this picture of my picnic bench and little picnic basket
I got busy with the Fimo this weekend (for the first time since I was a teenager).  I found the scale pretty tricky, but have made some form of picnic at least.  C thinks it's hilarious and keeps telling me that my banana and "peas" (they are apples!) are very big for the people.

I also got a little distracted while playing with the Fimo, and made this owl, which has a loop in the top so that I can make it into a keyring or necklace.

this is the beginning of our rocky skerry.  We built up the shape with screwed up newspaper.

then pasted the whole thing with a PVA/water mix, and kitchen towel squares.  Bug was very involved with this process.
It's currently in the process of being painted, so I'll post again once it's in situ on the railway.

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