Monday, 21 April 2014

Arisaig Holiday

We've just spent a week away in the caravan on holiday, the first of the year.  We started at Newtonmore, on the way up the A9 to Aviemore.  We stopped here for two nights so that we could visit the Highland Wildlife Park:

Then we headed on to Arisaig, just south of Mallaig on the "Road to the Isles".  As you can see, it was completely gorgeous.  Arisaig is a haven of rocky skerries, coral white sand and turquoise water - we were coveting some canadian canoes. 
the view from the caravan

The Waggy-Tailed-One loves the beach.
C, making a boat.
al fresco dining - in Scotland!  No midges and no rain!
sun setting over the Isle of Eigg
we collected some beautiful shells
visited a couple of castles (this one's Castle Tioram)
I just love this photo

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