Thursday, 4 October 2012

"Let's Make it Together" - a birthday present for Mummy.

I had a birthday back at the beginning of September (it seems to happen every year, not sure how I manage it!).  This year C bought me a boat.  Just a little one.  One that we could make together.  It's gorgeous.

It's from "The Little Experience" and is a "build it sailing boat kit", available here from The Ethical Superstore.  It even comes with a snazzy little suitcase, as well as everything you will need to make it.

The main hull and keel of the boat is already as one piece, but you put in the mast, paint it, attach the sails and varnish it so that it will actually float on the water.

C has helped me with every step in the process.  We've painted together - this has been a real lesson in patience, as I've only allowed one bit, in one colour to be painted at a time and then left to dry before painting the next bit.  He chose the name for the boat "Cup of Tea" (I think I was drinking one at the time when I asked him to suggest a name).  He helped me use the transfers (I bought these separately) for the name lettering.  He glued in the mast.  And he varnished the boat all by himself (can you tell?).  Now we just have to wait for the varnish to dry and attach the sails, and then we'll be trying it out on the baby bath in the garden.  I can't wait!  

What a fabulous present idea, as something that we made together it's definitely something that I'm going to treasure.

This post is not sponsored in any way by "The Little Experience" company and is entirely my own views on the product.  

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