Monday, 1 October 2012

Creative ideas for toddlers - autumn leaf and bird collage

If you've followed my blog for a while you may remember that I have a vague topic or theme each  month, around which I come up with ideas for games, art and craft activities, visits etc. to prevent us from getting stale and doing the same things over and over again.  I've now been through all twenty topics and themes, and am back again to "Birds" for October 2012.
This idea is very easy, achievable with two toddlers, minimal preparation and equipment and looks quite effective for an autumnal display.
You will need: A4 pieces of tissue in autumn foliage colours, I used yellow, orange, red, dark green and light green; 1 cereal box; scissors; PVA glue and 2 glue spreaders; pictures of birds - I used the RSPB Christmas 2011 catalogue, which I still had knocking about, but you could also just print some off the internet.

To prepare: cut the tissue paper into leaf shapes; Open out the cereal box and cut off the edges so that you have a large area with two folds; pour a little PVA glue into a suitable container (I just use something from the recycling).
Show the children how to spread the glue onto the cardboard and then stick on the tissue paper leaves.  Encourage them to fill in as many white spaces as they can.  
Meanwhile, you can get on with cutting out the bird pictures.  
When all the leaves are stuck on, give them the birds, and encourage them to stick those on too, naming the birds as you pass them over, and talking about them if you have the knowledge.
Allow the picture to dry and stand up using the folds of the cereal box.  Praise enthusiastically because it really will look amazing!

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