Friday, 19 October 2012

Latest crafting... Santa needed some help...

So, I had a message from Santa.  It seems that Mrs Christmas' arthritis has been causing her problems with her knitting this year, so he asked me to lend a hand with a couple of items for my children's Christmas stockings.
Of course I told him that would be no problem, and thanks for letting me know in plenty of time, and got busy.  The patterns are from "Knitted Toys" by Jean Greenhowe.  
The one with the purple hat is for C, as purple is currently his favourite colour, and the one with the green hat and scarf is for Bug, as though she has no favourite colour yet, her eyes are green.
I'm trying out photographing with a light box, as I don't feel that my photos really do justice to how I want this blog to look... what do you think?  Less cluttered or too empty?  The pencil is there to show the scale of the penguins.

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