Sunday, 22 April 2012

"Underneath the Floorboards" awesome theatre production for kiddies

Today I took the tots to the theatre.  

Macrobert theatre:
The theatre is on the Stirling University Campus, and I get sent the Film listings for the cinema there, and also the live events listings.  There is always something on the programme that I want to go and see, and there are often shows for children.  I've blogged here before about "White", and also here about "Big Ears Little Ears".  The cafe in the theatre foyer is great with a children's play area, colouring in sheets and a good children's menu.

The Macrobert website is here.

"Underneath the Floorboards":
This show was part of a Big Dance Day being held at the theatre, with all sorts of workshops, taster sessions and a ceilidh.  "Underneath the Floorboards" was billed as a magical dance show for under 5's.  It was certainly that - completely bewitching.  Instead of going into the auditorium, we were taken through the stage-door, where the stage was set up with a semi-circle of chairs, bean-bags and cushions around the set.  There were toys on the set which the children were being encouraged to play with.  Then the show began.  The children helped the lead character put away his toys and then took themselves back to the cushions to watch, though there was no issue at all with them wandering on to the set to get closer to the action, they were just incorporated into the dance.  The characters were at once weird and beautiful, as was the story and the music.  C was sitting down at the front with his friend, and his face was a picture.  The Bug was on my knee, and at several points got down and pushed her way nearer to the front to get closer to the action.  If her agility had allowed her to climb over the other children to get on the set, then I think she might have gone.  Afterwards, you could go and get a closer look at the dancers, have pictures taken (typically I didn't have my camera) and touch their costumes.  Both of mine wanted to go and have a look, but only if I came too, and they wanted to stay very much on my knee once we got there.  This was a fantastic show.  The choreography, costumes, story-line and dancing was all top notch.  I would definitely go to see this company again, and would take the children to see future dance events targetted at their age range.

The Ballet Lorent website is here.

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