Friday, 6 April 2012

Crafting in March - Tea Cosy

This month I have mostly been... making a tea-cosy. 

My big sister requested one for her birthday.  Her birthday was at the beginning of March, but you may remember that I spent all of February frantically knitting a doll for another important birthday - one thing at a time!  She eventually got it last weekend in the Lake District.

The cross-stitch took me the longest.  It's a kit that I won in a raffle at my cousin's Yummy Mummy Coffee Morning in aid of Clic Sargent - which was about two years ago.  I started the cross-stitch when C was about a year old.  He was starting to drop his morning nap, so I would take him wherever we were going in the morning, and if he fell asleep in the car I would just park up, let him sleep and do some cross-stitch.  It has been long abandoned, but now resurrected and completed for this project.

Then I cut out the shape using my own tea-cosy as a pattern.  The lining is from the lining of a pair of curtains which had been shortened.  The outer fabric I have had stashed away in my house for ages, I'm not sure where from.  Anyway, my sister's kitchen is blue and yellow with dashes of pink, so a blue checker pattern is perfect.

The next job was to find some wadding for the cosy.  Would I have to trek all the way into Edinburgh for this or could I hope to find it locally?  I found it in a fabric/upholstery shop in the next village.  Then I just got the sewing machine out, sewed the fabric and wadding together and then sewed on the tape around the bottom edge.  I'm really pleased with the outcome - what do you think?


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    1. Thank-you, I don't mind admitting that I'm quite proud of this one!

  2. Thank you very much Mel. It's exactly what I wanted.