Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Interesting parenting web-pages

I've been surfing this 'ere interweb just lately, and have found a few web-pages that have got me thinking about the way I approach my parenting.  I thought I'd share:

  • Some brilliant tips about communicating with toddlers from the Child Welfare League of America (here)
  • Another communication one, this time from the University of Maine (here)
  • This one about child behaviour from the Family and Consumer Sciences Department at NC State University (here)
  • A great one about methods of discipline for children at various ages from the University of Maine (here)
  • Some good tips about giving children choices. (here)
  • A booklet on teaching Self Control from the University of Kentucky. (here) 
  • Some ideas of activities that children should be able to do independently from the Work at Home Moms website (here)
  • This is a brilliant article from Waldorf today, about having daily rhythms for under seven year olds.  I found this fascinating and plan to focus a bit more on the "breathing in" and "breathing out" rhythms with my two.  (here)

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