Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Soft Toy hanger

I'm pleased with how this has worked out.  I asked Hubby to put a hook in the ceiling in C's room and eventually got around to doing my part of the project, which actually didn't take long.  I got 6 strands of wool, tied them together at one end and hung them from the ceiling hook.  I bought one of those "underwear drier hangers" for £2 from the supermarket (plastic contraption with pegs attached).  I detached all the pegs from the hanger.  I then plaited/braided the wool in two strand sections, and every ten centimetres or so, attached one of the pegs into the braid.  Now, rather than taking up valuable shelf or bed space or being crammed into a box, all the soft toys are attached to the pegs (mostly by the ear) and so are on display, and easy for C to detach and play with.

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